Best known for: Knockoffs of Minecraft, Disney Princess, Star Wars and Jurassic World sets. Lele also make a range of minifigs including some transparent and fluorescent versions. Minecraft copies are often listed on AliExpress as Bela/Lele, with most using Lele product numbers. Also see Bela and Lepin pages if you’re after Minecraft , the DeCool or Lepin pages for Technic sets, and Bela, Sheng Yuan and Lepin pages if you’re after Star Wars (inc. UCS), Friends, and Ninjago sets.

Brick Quality: Pretty good. Not quite as good as COBI, Lepin or DeCool, but close. The bricks feel slightly “softer” but are precisely engineered and lock together well. Trans-clear wedges have weaker clutch, but other trans parts seem OK. Colours are consistent, but some do not exactly match equivalent Lego colours (tend to be a shade lighter). Technic parts can be tight, but fit well and won’t come apart easily.
The UCS Star Wars and Modular/large Creator clones appear to have stepped it up a notch. It is suspected (but unconfirmed) that a manufacturing arrangement for (most) parts used in these models and the Lepin equivalents exists between the two brands.

Instruction Quality: OK. As with other clones, colour reproduction can be variable. Lele do, however, show colours for the current step, with the previous step shown in light grey.

Other Info: Lele make a number of sets also made by other manufacturers such as Lepin, Bela etc. Lele replicas of the modular buildings and Star Wars UCS sets – among others – are 100% copies. Lepin are known to make part substitutions, so if accuracy is important to you, Lele may be the better choice. That said, Lele also make a number of part-for-part identical Creator buildings but include Minecraft figures, rather than the generic minifigs normally found in these sets.

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