Best known for: Minifigs and copies of various Lego (and some Ideas) IPs. Sheng Yuan often copy parts of larger Lego sets and package them separately. As examples, they’ll replicate a dragon from a set, or a boat or airship from another, but not the whole set. In some cases, you can assemble the complete original set by buying these mini-sets, but not always. Sheng Yuan also have a history of “mods” to original Lego designs. Their Helicarrier knockoff is significantly larger and more detailed than the model it is based on.
Also see Bela, Lele and Lepin pages if you’re after Star Wars, Friends, Superhero, Minecraft, and Ninjago sets.

A sub-brand “Sembo Block” has product lines similar to Hsanhe and Loz – although made with full-size, rather than “nano” bricks.
Sembo Block product numbers have an “SD” prefix in the list. Sembo makes a lot of mini and mid-scale buildings, similar to TLG’s mini modulars. Some of their designs are copies of / based on Ideas submissions, and others are unique.

Brick Quality: Markedly better in last year or so (since GUDI’s parent company took over). Not quite at the level of COBI, Lepin, and DeCool, but close. Their minifigs are often highly accurate and difficult to distinguish from the originals they are based on.

Instruction Quality: OK, with the usual colour inconsistencies associated with many KO manufacturers.

Other Info: Owned by Xinlexin Electronic Toys, who used to market bricks solely under the GUDI name, but now also sell under the Sembo Block and Sheng Yuan brands – typically listed as SY or SZ or sometimes Shen Yuan. GUDI still have a few sets on AE/other shopping portals.

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