Creator Sunshine Hotel (Lepin 15018)



A four story Rococo style hotel modular building. It fits together with the other modular buildings.

This Lepin set is based on a MOC from BrickbuildersPro The Anastasia Astoria International Hotel. You will find the original building instructions for sale on their site for $9.99. For more pictures also see the moc pages.

The main colors are white and grey combined with a refreshing and stylish light blue stone color on the second, third and four floor.

The first floor features the main entrance with stoop and entrance hall with sign-in desk. It has well designed columns on the main entrance and architectural pieces like corbels around the side doors. The inside features a tiled floor, a lounge area and a stair case to the rooms.

The second floor is the first floor with two hotel rooms. Each room has an entry door, a double bed and one or two nightstand with Rococo style lamps. This floor has high ceilings to give room for encased windows and two figure heads and a portico to protect the main entrance.

The third floor has the same layout as the second floor (two rooms with beds). The facade features several ornaments, a large round center window with mullions and detailed ledges. The staircase leads to the next floor, the attic.

At the top is the attic. It features two detailed dormers with crestings and a decorated Dutch/Flemish gable with clock. At the very top are three chimneys.

The set comes with 7 mini-figures:

  • the hotel manager
  • cook
  • bell-boy
  • red woman guest
  • blue woman guest
  • cowboy guest
  • playboy guest

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