Adhesive Lego Tape Crowd Source Project (Nimuno Loops)

Adhesive Lego Tape Crowd Source Project (Nimuno Loops)

Here is an innovative idea to integrate your brick collection (further) into your daily live. Nimuno Loops is Adhesive Lego tape that allows you to build your contraptions on every surface or object. It has the normal properties of adhesive tape on one side whilst on the reverse it has 2 by x nops to stick your Lego (compatible) bricks on. The tape is flexible, can be cut to length and comes in three colors (blue, green and red).


Nimuno Loops - Build on other toys


This crowd source product has had a great start. It went viral in days. At the time of writing the campaign has been backed up for more than half a million dollar by 16 thousand backers (it was setup to only raise 8000 dollars).

I’ve back up this campaign for 19.6ft/6m of multi color tape ($34). Order yours on the IndieGogo campaign page: You have 1 month left.

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