Lepin 2017 Modular Building Contest Winners

Lepin 2017 Modular Building Contest Winners

A couple of weeks ago Lepin organised a contest for modular builders to show their best work. Under the theme ‘Tycoon City New York/City Dreamer’ many participated and thirty three  were picked and ranked accordingly (see list below). I expect that Lepin will prepare new modular sets for quiet a lot of these excellent builds.First place winner City Village Corner’ by Dream Club DMT will have it set released by Xingbao. And this week we have seen the 8th place winner Bar & Financial Company by jaydisson going up for presale on Aliexpress.

Which building would you like to own as a set? Write your comments below or add comments in this Reddit threat.

Winner List

  1. City Village Corner by Dream Club DMT (XingBao XB-01013 – City Village Corner (MOC) [on presale])
  2. Potter Corner by worriz wolf
    Potter Corner by worriz wolf. Lepin 2017 content winner 2nd place.
  3. The Ancient Egyptian Museum by 011 Beijing
    The Ancient Egyptian Museum by 011 Beijing. Lepin 2017 content winner 3rd place.
  4. The British Street Corner by Assault One
    The British Street Corner by Assault One. Lepin 2017 contest winner 4th place #1
  5. Natural History Museum by Ye wah yeah general
    Natural History Museum by Ye wah yeah general. Lepin 2017 content winner 5th place.
  6. The South Pavilion by Tracy926111
    The South Pavilion by Tracy926111. Lepin 2017 contest winner 6th place.
  7. Tabloid Newspaper by 2881642
  8. Bar & Financial Company by jaydisson (LEPIN 15035 – Bar And Finance Company (MOC) [on presale])
  9. Mercenary Line by Zhuge village husband cpy
  10. Pobot’s Florist by domineering B Bibi lively
  11. Hangzhou Creek Straight Street Jiangnan by Beiling whale Tao 8
  12. Rainbow Ice Cream Shop and Café by Thui654321
  13. Post-Modern Pop Industrial Wind Clothing Store by MR_PiDan
  14. Cross Church by Hsinchu 翛 翛 Yun Yunfeng
  15. Hot Pot Shop – Tea It by Legao Military Fans
  16. 3ICE Ice Shop & “Champion” gym by bickie_candy
  17. Disney Town by LeestNew
  18. Old Police Station by Nocturne 0731
  19. City General Hospital by The feeling of being gone
  20. Garden Cafe + Toy Shop by XB20020628
  21. Game Room by Huotianli
  22. Childhood Memory Of The Grandmother by people strong
  23. EL8 Store by better me 8
  24. Red Brick House by Mousse meow
  25. Diaz’s Laboratory by Bfote
  26. Bai Farmhouse Small Courtyard by lianyuziqin
  27. City Corner by DAH oak
  28. Seaside Holiday House by building blocks to eliminate music
  29. Home Happy Hut by dingxiao7f
  30. Nursery School by Lpbllllll
  31. Hot Dog People’s Restaurant by Hot dog students eat hot dogs
  32. Happy Shopping Street by Shu Xi-jun
  33. Style Angle by De Desi 520

Original source: Lepinboard.de (German language, registration required to see more pictures)

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