Lepin ‘Fast & Furious’ Technic MOC Competition 2017 Results

Lepin ‘Fast & Furious’ Technic MOC Competition 2017 Results

Lepin ran a second competition (mostly in Asia) focussed on Technic MOC sets. The competition was titled ‘Fast & Furious’ (no relation with the movies). The prizes to be won were:

  • 1x Grand prize winner (would get to chose 12 Lepin sets of his choice)
  • 2x runner-up (would get to chose 8 Lepin sets of his choice)
  • 3x second runner-up (would get to chose 4 Lepin sets of his choice)
  • 10 short-listed prizes
  • 5 consolation prizes.

On the 23rd of June the following results were announced:

  1. Grand Prize, CAT 797F mining truck by jaydisson
    The mining truck is in minifigure scale. jaydisson is a familiar name, he also won in the Lepin modular houses competition with his “Bar and Financial Company” (which is released as Lepin 15035).

  2. Runner up no. 1, Covini C6W by skyline1100
    Italian 2-seat 2-door sports coupé with 6 wheels.

  3. Runner up no. 2, Jeep 6×6 by mhjmhj2000

  4. Second runner-up no. 1, Mercedez-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 by 青蛙卖池塘

  5. Second runner-up no. 2, Super Asurada AKF-11 by 会爬树的猪仔唛 
  6. Second runner-up no. 3, Jeep 4×4 by ⒏冄3o號

All winning MOC’s have motor functions with remote control. This means not only hours of fun building but also playing afterwards.

Lepin is exploring in a rapid pace new designers for it’s future commercial sets to not be dependent on Lego copies. In it’s previous competition “City Dreamer Street View MOC” three entries have been released by Lepin and Xingbao. There is therefore a high chance we will see some of the above MOC’s appearing on AliExpress soon.

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